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Whale Song
Whale Song
Whale Song
Whale Song

Whale Song

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Whale Song

for embodiment & connection. for joyous and grounding feeling of being fully present in your body, of retrieving your inner voice from deep down in your lungs, and knowing that it is your right, your purpose, and your strength to sing it.

wood betony brings us back into our bodies, out somatic sense of self. linden and lemon balm are calm yet uplifting, encouraging us in heartfelt conversation and connection. an energetic dose of elecampane allows access to those deepest places down in our lungs, where our songs and stories are held and reverberate from <3

broom and borage essences are those of buoyancy and courage in the face of oppression and despair, of being able to stay connected to and thriving in your joy.


1 oz (30 ml) dropper bottle

contains: wood betony**, linden^, lemon balm*, elecampane**, gluten-free alcohol, scotch broom and borage flower essences

 suggested use: 5-10 drops, as you need


** from herb growers we know and love <3

*from our own gardens <3

^ ethically wildcrafted (20% of profits donated to Indigenous Nations's Funds.)


this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. All bodies respond to plants differently - please check with a medical provider familiar with herbal medicine for interactions or contraindications.