Blue Whale Apothecary comes from a love of the land and sea, and the conversation between these realms, the liminal space of the shore.

I was raised by the ocean and the plants I know the best are those which survive in this salty ecosystem. The millions of tiny phytoplankton (often just called algae) in the world's oceans are the plants responsible for producing 70% of our oxygen. And so we are just as tied to the sea as we are to the land upon which we make our homes. 

In the the offerings that I make, I utilize plants which can grow near (or in!) the ocean. I am currently based in the northeast, but grew up in Florida, so I use plants and shell essences from that region as well. 


As climate changes and social shifts are happening on all scales, these medicines are made to uplift and support us in radical self-care, resilience, and connection with the land and waters around us.